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[Press] Krezzo Announces First Round of Funding

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PALM HARBOR, Fla., November 17, 2021 (via Newswire.com) - Krezzo, a global provider of OKR technology and professional services, today announced it has officially completed its first round of investment. The oversubscribed round was backed by a diverse group of top angel investors and SaaS industry experts. The capital will be used to accelerate and enhance product capabilities for customers wanting to change the status quo and maximize the value of OKRs (Objectives & Key Results). 

"We're excited to finally announce this round of funding thanks to our awesome group of investors," said Stephen Newman, Krezzo Co-Founder, "We're already putting this capital to work effectively to create more value for our current and future customers, employees, and stakeholders."

Krezzo guides high-growth technology companies throughout the OKR experience with in-house professional services, online training, and a purpose-built OKR platform. By following a psychology-based approach to OKRs using best practices in change management and behavioral science, teams and leaders can now radically improve how they build and sustain momentum with their OKR programs. Created by Newman alongside Co-Founder KJ McGowan, Krezzo's mission is to help customers change how they align, focus, and push the boundaries of what they can achieve using OKRs.

"On behalf of all the investors we're thrilled to support Stephen, KJ, and the rest of the Krezzo team with this round of funding," said Launchpad Venture Group angel investor Doug Murphy, "I know how passionate they are about building scalable technology and delivering business value to customers, so we're very much looking forward to seeing Krezzo make some noise in the rapidly expanding OKR space."

The OKR methodology is a popular strategic goal-setting framework that combines directional "Objectives" with measurable "Key Results." OKRs have been around for decades but have recently made their way into the mainstream. Many companies who are struggling to harmonize strategy, execution, and performance are turning to OKRs to organize and simplify business operations. Now that so many workforces are remote, the demand for OKR-related technology and services is higher than ever.

"The tectonic plates are shifting with the way we work in this new hybrid remote environment," said Cal Brown, lead investor and former Founder of Salary.com and Form.com, "The companies that recognize this shift and turn their work cultures into a competitive advantage will thrive, and I believe the Krezzo team is well-positioned to help customers achieve that outcome with their comprehensive and unique approach to OKRs."




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