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KJ McGowan

[Podcast] OKR Simplicity & Relevance with Jennifer Mitchell

This week on the Krezzo podcast, KJ McGowan is joined with Jennifer Mitchell, recently appointed COO of ActZero, where they discuss how simplicity and relevance can contribute to OKR best practice. 

[Podcast] Getting the Most Out Of Your OKR Planning Session with Ian Harvey

In part two, KJ McGowan is joined with Ian Harvey where they share tips and tricks for preparing...

[Podcast] Bridging Strategy & Execution with Ian Harvey

KJ McGowan chats with Ian Harvey, Outcomes Coach at Outcomes Thinking, about OKRs' role in...

[Podcast] Sales and OKRs with Ramsey Al-Ramahi

In today's podcast, KJ welcomes Ramsey Al-Ramahi, Chief Revenue Officer of the Contrarian Academy...